Hasee toh phasee-comedy and love story

Shafqat Amanat Ali is another number that perfectly balances out the back of nee yenna periya appatakkara song lyrics the listener ‘s nerves. Share this song voice Credit Nupur ball. The whole song is the only of its kind. ‘Manchala’ to tamil songs lyrics party all night long, but a long drive, it’s not something that should definitely help add to the essence.

Punjabi Wedding Song Lyrics, vocals and music, the score for each aspect of the age differences, the meeting is set to raise energy levels. As with any Parineeti Chopra film, I ‘m involved in a Punjabi wedding song and it’s really meant to be kept in mind as a bonus. What do we love ? At the time of its release in the winter half Shaadi seasons blending perfectly well with many aptness. Sunidhi Chauhan and Benny Dayal go vocal credit.

Shake it like Shammi Kapoor – Hasee Do Phasee Music Review. Punjabi Wedding Song function as a family and friends, this is one of the discs. This nee yenna periya appatakkara song lyrics time we have some DJ Home may be one of those songs that should be on the list, except that there is no special song applaud.

Zehnaseeb – Hasee Do Phasee Music Review. It marks the start of the opera in a rapture to both voice and lyrics that royal touch. nee yenna periya appatakkara song lyrics Chinmayi Sripaada melody with each swaram like as and Shekhar Ravjiani said it perfectly. In the second stage of this year’s Valentine’s Day Albums 1 or 2, whatever, to the soulful song.

Drama Queen – Hasee Do Phasee Music Review Parineeti seems to fit well with the characters on the screen that reminds you of another number. You have to decide what is good or bad, but a couple of the latest Bollywood movies, or at least one of my tasks, Drama Queen, promoting the film, see Sharad Pawar fits per cent. Vishal Dadlani and Shreya Ghoshal lending voice to go.

Ishq Bulava – Hasee Do Phasee music review a delicate and sweet blend of Sufi music and Bollywood. Pleasant but not amazing. Shipra Goyal singer Sanam Puri and we will do a decent job with its tamil songs lyrics simple, local, love song quite appealing.

The Last Word – Hasee Do Phasee Music Review over all, the two new faces to the Vinyl Mathew, Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra Music is complimentary. Dear producers, Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, knowing what we hear music experience lot of filters before it reaches us, do not hate !

Hasee Toh Phasee Music Review

Music and songs from the film themselves doing better than the naming of music is a great example. They all tamil songs lyrics sound or snazzily attractive ( Punjabi Wedding Song, husband, shook like a drama queen ) or soulful Sufi ( Ishq bulava, Zehnaseeb). Unsurprisingly, there is also the purpose, some of them hit. Title, Punjabi Wedding Song, a new age twist on the typical Bollywood Punjabi number that would lead you to expect some sort.

Instead of the familiar tunes of the pomp of war, ends up being. Amitabh Bhattacharya song, as always, try to do new things, but bogged down by mediocre song. Issues such as nee yenna periya appatakkara song lyrics shake like Shammi ‘, but by the power of the voice of Penny. Bollywood ‘s original dancing star Shammi Kapoor has designed a poem, song, sound, music and breath as punctuation, a Kapoor, Mohammed Rafi song is fashioned around miss.

Where salvages duo of Vishal Shekhar ( of sorts ) Manchala album, with the exception of those coming in the second half of the album is soulful numbers. Shafqat Amanat Ali Bin Tere wonderful musicians who had had pre- formed, soft rock, pop vocal effect using Ali Sufi, trying to live in a place like here, but through song disappoints. Zehnaseeb soft, beautiful melody, proving once again that there is no alternative to holding its own, the only song of the album becomes.

A good arrangement of the song, along with the sunny vibe, perfect Affiliates. Chinmayi has nee yenna periya appatakkara song lyrics sung Chennai Express lilting Titli Sreepada, Shekhar sung the song itself works well in combination. So as bulava Ishq. Sanam Puri extraordinary singer, pop and folk, good balance, good job guys. Even that can not be compensated by a simple arrangement of a great tamil songs lyrics, good melody, – the new age album masquerading as a large part of what is crippled by the latest Bollywood albums, Pop suffer from cold. That’s the only reason why the album works when it works.

Romantic comedies that have come up with good music. Do not Phasee nee yenna periya appatakkara song lyrics Hasee well in this regard. Technology and creativity can not applaud this album, pure freshness you will do the trick. Thiram wedding song for a calming Manchala, Music Director Duo Vishal- Shekhar strikes the right chords. Also, Rakesh Kumaar and Amitabh Bhattacharya, the song more than once to add the right ingredients to make it worth listening Hasee Do Phasee scores.